Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. 18+. 29 PLN free + 30 PLN bez ryzyka + 1200 PLN, STS posiada zezwolenie na urządzanie zakładów wzajemnych w Polsce. Aggregate: 52-49.¬~ZA÷EUROPE: Champions League¬ZEE÷KK4FaFV3¬ZB÷6¬ZY÷Europe¬ZC÷pU3rU5h1¬ZD÷t¬ZE÷S6MfVSiO¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷1¬ZH÷6_KK4FaFV3¬ZJ÷2¬ZL÷/handball/europe/champions-league/¬ZX÷09Europe 006Europe0020000000001000Champions Le016League000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Europe¬~AA÷Iuk0hXkk¬AD÷1583002800¬ADE÷1583002800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Barcelona¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1583008600¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷SZE¬AF÷Szeged¬JB÷YakLRvOi¬WV÷szeged¬GRB÷0¬AH÷28¬BB÷15¬BD÷13¬OB÷4dqn4KlC-vcoP86Sd.png¬WM÷BAR¬AE÷Barcelona¬JA÷f9jHSK8o¬WU÷barcelona¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷30¬BA÷13¬BC÷17¬OA÷4z9LuJVH-SnufIVHC.png¬~AA÷4I4tEQZM¬AD÷1582995600¬ADE÷1582995600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Vive Kielce¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1583001073¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷KIE¬AF÷Kiel¬JB÷nau7LIJ8¬WV÷kiel¬GRB÷0¬AH÷30¬BB÷18¬BD÷12¬OB÷n7QUDG8k-OQ6AHTeT.png¬WM÷KIE¬AE÷Vive Kielce¬JA÷lEM3Mb42¬WU÷vive-kielce¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷32¬BA÷16¬BC÷16¬OA÷O6Eeln6k-nNCz3qeM.png¬~AA÷IL8pDpkT¬AD÷1582993800¬ADE÷1582993800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Meshkov Brest¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582999354¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷POR¬AF÷Porto¬JB÷8ETFJdlL¬WV÷porto¬AS÷2¬AZ÷2¬GRB÷0¬AH÷35¬BB÷17¬BD÷18¬OB÷SnT0hnBN-AeI9Yddi.png¬WM÷MES¬AE÷Meshkov Brest¬JA÷UNUBKxZE¬WU÷meshkov-brest¬GRA÷0¬AG÷32¬BA÷13¬BC÷19¬OA÷hf6TOXCN-UXfbWcHO.png¬~AA÷O2oD84cp¬AD÷1582993800¬ADE÷1582993800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Motor Zaporozhye¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582998849¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷VES¬AF÷Telekom Veszprem¬JB÷vcKoEzCr¬WV÷veszprem¬AS÷2¬AZ÷2¬GRB÷0¬AH÷32¬BB÷17¬BD÷15¬OB÷lWK8sl7k-U3REAgWE.png¬WM÷MOT¬AE÷Motor Zaporozhye¬JA÷xlYJIG3R¬WU÷motor-zaporozhye¬GRA÷0¬AG÷22¬BA÷8¬BC÷14¬OA÷21SxT1lC-ALDhjAnB.png¬~AA÷80xlP50E¬AD÷1582993800¬ADE÷1582993800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Vardar 1961¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582999064¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷MON¬AF÷Montpellier¬JB÷2PhuY4Mc¬WV÷montpellier¬AS÷2¬AZ÷2¬GRB÷0¬AH÷31¬BB÷14¬BD÷17¬OB÷d865DlA6-foJ52AlQ.png¬WM÷VAR¬AE÷Vardar 1961¬JA÷OYgyZp7i¬WU÷vardar¬GRA÷0¬AG÷27¬BA÷13¬BC÷14¬OA÷dIkYL98k-MXSwXIyk.png¬~ZA÷EUROPE: Champions League - Play Offs¬ZEE÷KK4FaFV3¬ZB÷6¬ZY÷Europe¬ZC÷ttFxh9p8¬ZD÷t¬ZE÷S6MfVSiO¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷2¬ZH÷6_KK4FaFV3¬ZJ÷11¬ZL÷/handball/europe/champions-league/¬ZX÷09Europe 006Europe0020000000001000Champions Le028y Offs000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Europe¬~AA÷lWkS1DTG¬AD÷1582988400¬ADE÷1582988400¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷CD Bidasoa Irun¬ER÷Quarter-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582994836¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷CDB¬AE÷CD Bidasoa Irun¬JA÷EVeXePRo¬WU÷irun¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷24¬BA÷10¬BC÷14¬OA÷OGrLDI5k-OYtzBAPa.png¬WN÷WIS¬AF÷Wisla Plock¬JB÷0S7kXuko¬WV÷wisla-plock¬BZ÷1¬GRB÷0¬AH÷19¬BB÷12¬BD÷7¬OB÷WzKIwmBN-EwUFR5y9.png¬AM÷1st leg result: 25-32. 18+. provides Champions League 2019/2020 standings, results, head-to-head stats and odds comparison. Official in-depth guide to every UEFA Champions League and European Cup season, including results, stats and video highlights. NEWS. Όροι και Προϋποθέσεις ισχύουν. Download it for free. Football Heads: 2014‑15 Champions League. Geo-variations and T&Cs apply. to legalny bukmacher posiadający zezwolenia na urządzanie zakładów wzajemnych w Polsce. Live handball scores service at Handball 24 offers handball live scores and results, providing also handball set results, H2H stats, odds comparison and other live score information from Europe - Champions League 2020/2021 and many other Handball competitions. EHF Champions League Barça break all records. Το μόνο που χρειάζεστε για να προκριθείτε είναι ένας χρηματοδοτημένος λογαριασμός ή να έχετε τοποθετήσει ένα στοίχημα στις τελευταίες 24 ώρες. LIVE BLOG: Running coverage of the DELO EHF Champions League first-leg quarter-finals. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. 18+, Miza primului pariu este rambursabilă daca acesta este pierzător. 08 October, 2019 04 October, 2020 Games; Standings; Teams. Single player game: or - Move. Bucuresti¬ER÷Quarter-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1583082692¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷DIN¬AE÷Din. by Luca Urru . Se aplican las condiciones, límites de tiempo y exclusiones. Titelverteidiger war RK Vardar Skopje Modus. UEFA Champions League Table 2020-21 UEFA Champions League. If you're searching for results from an other competition with the name Champions League, please select your sport in the top menu or a category (country) on the left. 18+, *Jouer comporte des risques : endettement, dépendance…Appelez le 09 74 75 13 13 (appel non surtaxé), New Customers only. Bet Credits risk excluded from returns. 28.12.2020 20:30 VS THW Kiel Telekom Veszprém HC 35: 36 : 35: 36 29: 29 13: 18 28.12.2020 18:00 VS Barça Paris Saint-Germain HB 32: 37 : : 32: 37 14: 18 ―Finals― KO MATCHES: 29.12.2020 18:00 VS … Le otorgaremos créditos de apuesta de la misma cantidad de su ingreso válido (hasta $1,500). one year ago - 8/20/2019. Within the Handball Season 2019/20 of the Allsvenskan played 14 League Teams together. 2019/20 VELUX EHF Champions League Final 4 «Go back. Apart from Handball tables, statistics and results, you can see archive odds of previous games in Champions League Women 2020/2021. The 2019–20 EHF Champions League was the 60th edition of Europe's premier club handball tournament and the 27th edition under the current EHF Champions League format. 18+, Para nuevos clientes. Handball Live Results for Handball France ScoresPro has the latest Europe Champions League 2020/21 league table standings and standings for all other YYCOUNTRYY handball competitions. T&C se aplica. Aggregate: 49-51.¬~ZA÷EUROPE: Champions League¬ZEE÷KK4FaFV3¬ZB÷6¬ZY÷Europe¬ZC÷pU3rU5h1¬ZD÷t¬ZE÷S6MfVSiO¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷1¬ZH÷6_KK4FaFV3¬ZJ÷2¬ZL÷/handball/europe/champions-league/¬ZX÷09Europe 006Europe0020000000001000Champions Le016League000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Europe¬~AA÷lQbUcgSR¬AD÷1582740000¬ADE÷1582740000¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Flensburg-H.¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582745422¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷CEL¬AF÷Celje¬JB÷dKB39c8N¬WV÷celje¬GRB÷0¬AH÷26¬BB÷12¬BD÷14¬OB÷lWOgjGWH-O2ULeC4H.png¬WM÷FLE¬AE÷Flensburg-H.¬JA÷rH7aAwgH¬WU÷flensburg-h¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷29¬BA÷15¬BC÷14¬OA÷Qa68PtUH-84L1onlF.png¬~AA÷619PbZCL¬AD÷1582473600¬ADE÷1582473600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Celje¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582479005¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷CEL¬AE÷Celje¬JA÷A39iCaO4¬WU÷celje¬GRA÷0¬AG÷25¬BA÷14¬BC÷11¬OA÷lWOgjGWH-O2ULeC4H.png¬WN÷BAR¬AF÷Barcelona¬JB÷lf8eBJwB¬WV÷barcelona¬AS÷2¬AZ÷2¬GRB÷0¬AH÷37¬BB÷19¬BD÷18¬OB÷4z9LuJVH-SnufIVHC.png¬~AA÷dCV21287¬AD÷1582473600¬ADE÷1582473600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Telekom Veszprem¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1582479071¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WM÷VES¬AE÷Telekom Veszprem¬JA÷CfQIG3iN¬WU÷veszprem¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷24¬BA÷16¬BC÷8¬OA÷lWK8sl7k-U3REAgWE.png¬WN÷MON¬AF÷Montpellier¬JB÷joPMFN6T¬WV÷montpellier¬GRB÷0¬AH÷23¬BB÷14¬BD÷9¬OB÷d865DlA6-foJ52AlQ.png¬~. Terms & Conditions apply. Time limits and T&Cs apply. Search for ‘ ’ Close search. Make a qualifying deposit (min $10), place bets to deposit value, once they are settled, matched amount in Bet Credits available to use. - kicker EHF Champions League; Current season, competition or edition: 2020–21 EHF Champions League: Countries: EHF members: Confederation: EHF : Founded: 1956 (1993 in its new format) Number of teams: 16 (Group phase) Level on pyramid: Level 1: Current champions: THW Kiel (4th title) Most championships: FC Barcelona (9 titles) Website: Bet Credits risk excluded from returns. UEFA Champions League 2019-2020, Calendari e classifiche di EHF Champions League Men 2019-20 - Latest News and Results | EHF. European Handball Federation - 2019/20 Men's EHF Champions League / Top Scorers Back to HISTORY. Football Heads: World Cup 2018. Besides Champions League 2019/2020 scores you can follow 5000+ competitions from more than 30 sports around the world on EHF Champions League Pekeler’s perfect end to 2020. Leggi su Sky Sport l'articolo Champions League 2019-2020, i migliori giocatori dell'ultima edizione. Il club vincitore può riuscire ad incassare un massimo di €uro 495.000. Time limits and T&Cs apply. League standings, team positions and top goal scorers for the 2019/20 English Football League - Championship season. Check Champions League 2020/2021 page and find many useful statistics with chart. 2019/20 Men's European Cup EHF Champions League - EHF Report | 29.12.2020 22:28 | 1/2. Help: Champions League 2020/2021 standings page in Handball/Europe section provides Champions League standings, averall/home/away and over/under tables. Founded on 12 July 1946, the International Handball Federation (IHF) has a reason to celebrate in 2021, as it marks the 75th anniversary of the world governing body for the sports of handball, beach handball and wheelchair handball. FACTS AND FIGURES: All the numbers you need from the EHF Champions League Men 2020/21 group phase . Handball Nation 12,666 views. Help: This page serves to display overall, home, away, form and other Handball tables relating to Champions League 2020/2021 which is sorted in Europe category of BetExplorer sports stats service. Search on GROUP A: 1 MUN Bayern Munich. Get today’s handball livescores from the Qatari - QHA League for the 2019/20 handball season only at ScoresPro! The official website of the Basketball Champions League 2019-20 . 18+, Cash Out (Κλείσιμο Στοιχήματος) της bet365. 03 April 2021, 15:00. Login / Register. 18+, Cash Out (Κλείσιμο Στοιχήματος) της bet365. Beach Handball Champions Cup; Women. Το Cash Out (Κλείσιμο Στοιχήματος) της bet365 σας δίνει περισσότερο έλεγχο στα στοιχήματά σας και σας προσφέρει τη δυνατότητα να λαμβάνετε μία επιστροφή πριν το τέλος του γεγονότος. : Simone, Monitillo ITA € Del. März 29, 2021 . Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. : Rätz SUI 2019/20 DELO WOMEN’S EHF Champions League EHF Report | 27.08.2020 23:34 | 1/4 The Allsvenskan Season 2019/20 started on 12/09/2019 and finished with the Allsvenskan Match HK Aranäs - Amo HK on 15/03/2020 , Result 24 : 26. Get the latest handball livescores for the 2019/20 Qatar - QHA League. This page is about Champions League 2020/2021, (Handball/Europe). 18+, Para nuevos clientes. Geo-variations and T&Cs apply. Min deposit £5. T&Cs apply. THW Kiel are the 2019-20 EHF Champions League winners after a 33-28 win over Barcelona in Cologne on Tuesday (29 December).. EHF European League News Results Game Highlights Player of the Match EHF: Home of Handball. News article. Bet Credits available for use upon settlement of bets to value of qualifying deposit. Dopo aver concluso la fase a gironi, l’edizione 2019-20 della Champions League prosegue con la fase a … Get Champions League 2020/2021 standings and all tables from 100+ handball leagues and competitions. DELO EHF Champions League; EHF European League ; EHF European Cup; European Beach Tour Finals; Beach Handball Champions Cup; National Team Competitions. Handball Foundation Search. It's crunch time in the EHF Champions League Men, with the quarter-final berths set to be decided over the course of two play-off encounters per pairing — the first legs of which take place this week. Geo-variations and T&Cs apply. Two player game: Player 1: - Move - Jump - Kick. Men. Terms & Conditions apply. is the official site of UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations, and the governing body of football in Europe. La UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 è stata la 65ª edizione della Champions League, organizzata dalla UEFA. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Allsvenskan Table League Season 2019/20 The Handball Allsvenskan Table League 2019/20 (Sweden) with all Results of this League. EHF Champions League . Search Button text. Guarda Champions League event: Montpellier Handball - HC Motor Zaporozhye live su Eurosport. Aktuelle Tabellen zur Handball Champions League 2020/21! Our mobile app is optimized for your phone. Όταν αυτή η λειτουργία είναι διαθέσιμη, μπορείτε να κάνετε Cash Out ένα στοίχημα εις ολόκληρον ή μερικώς, αφήνοντας το υπόλοιπο του πονταρίσματός σας να εξελιχθεί. Geo-variations and T&Cs apply. EHF EURO 2024; EHF EURO 2022; EHF EURO Cup 2022; M17 European Open; M17 European Youth Olympic Festival; World Championship; Beach Handball EURO; M17 Beach Handball … 18+, New customers only. FOTO Die Tabelle mit allen Vereinen. Join EHFTV for free! A vincere il trofeo è stato il Bayern Monaco, al sesto successo nella manifestazione, che ha battuto in finale il Paris Saint-Germain per 1-0. Descat Hugo (FRA) 75 : Montpellier HB: 3. Check out the top scorers of the European handball and find detailed information about the players. The Zebras lifted the 'Golden Arm' trophy in the Lanxess-Arena, the first team to win it three times in its current format. ALL COMPETITIONS. Di seguito viene riportata la tabella dei montepremi che vengono distribuiti per la Champions League. The 2020-21 Basketball Champions League season has adopted a new format for both the Regular Season and the Play-Offs, in order to safeguard the safety of players and fans in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 18+, see more at for latest offers and details. Όταν αυτή η λειτουργία είναι διαθέσιμη, μπορείτε να κάνετε Cash Out ένα στοίχημα εις ολόκληρον ή μερικώς, αφήνοντας το υπόλοιπο του πονταρίσματός σας να εξελιχθεί. Μπορείτε να δείτε σπορ ζωντανά στο κινητό, στην ταμπλέτα ή τον υπολογιστή σας, συμπεριλαμβάνοντας Ποδόσφαιρο, Τένις και Μπάσκετ. Apart from Handball tables, statistics and results, you can see archive odds of previous games in Champions League 2020/2021. 18+, SA÷7¬~ZA÷EUROPE: Champions League - Final Four¬ZEE÷KK4FaFV3¬ZB÷6¬ZY÷Europe¬ZC÷fqJtiTaE¬ZD÷t¬ZE÷S6MfVSiO¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷2¬ZH÷6_KK4FaFV3¬ZJ÷18¬ZL÷/handball/europe/champions-league/¬ZX÷09Europe 006Europe0020000000001000Champions Le029l Four000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Europe¬~AA÷t2phXcmk¬AD÷1609270200¬ADE÷1609270200¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Kiel¬ER÷Final¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1609276048¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷BAR¬AF÷Barcelona¬JB÷thGHKn3j¬WV÷barcelona¬GRB÷0¬AH÷28¬BB÷16¬BD÷12¬OB÷4z9LuJVH-SnufIVHC.png¬WM÷KIE¬AE÷Kiel¬JA÷21HDLSmp¬WU÷kiel¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷2¬GRA÷0¬AG÷33¬BA÷19¬BC÷14¬OA÷n7QUDG8k-OQ6AHTeT.png¬AM÷Neutral location - Lanxess Arena.¬~AA÷f5ldWH2e¬AD÷1609261200¬ADE÷1609261200¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Telekom Veszprem¬ER÷3rd place¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1609266557¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷PAR¬AF÷Paris SG¬JB÷8b83rjec¬WV÷paris-sg¬AS÷2¬AZ÷2¬BZ÷2¬GRB÷0¬AH÷31¬BB÷14¬BD÷17¬OB÷YmLwJcjT-8WZPPin8.png¬WM÷VES¬AE÷Telekom Veszprem¬JA÷U79aqWui¬WU÷veszprem¬GRA÷0¬AG÷26¬BA÷11¬BC÷15¬OA÷lWK8sl7k-U3REAgWE.png¬AM÷Neutral location - Lanxess Arena.¬~AA÷8fR4a5Mo¬AD÷1609183800¬ADE÷1609183800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷10¬CX÷Kiel¬ER÷Semi-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1609190754¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷VES¬AF÷Telekom Veszprem¬JB÷b1nKY8fG¬WV÷veszprem¬AZ÷0¬GRB÷0¬AH÷35¬AU÷29¬BB÷13¬BD÷16¬BF÷6¬OB÷lWK8sl7k-U3REAgWE.png¬WM÷KIE¬AE÷Kiel¬JA÷4vmGZluA¬WU÷kiel¬AS÷1¬AZ÷0¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷36¬AT÷29¬BA÷18¬BC÷11¬BE÷7¬OA÷n7QUDG8k-OQ6AHTeT.png¬AM÷Neutral location - Lanxess Arena.¬~AA÷McV8bPyh¬AD÷1609174800¬ADE÷1609174800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Barcelona¬ER÷Semi-finals¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1609180315¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷PAR¬AF÷Paris SG¬JB÷pIpSWnPS¬WV÷paris-sg¬GRB÷0¬AH÷32¬BB÷14¬BD÷18¬OB÷YmLwJcjT-8WZPPin8.png¬WM÷BAR¬AE÷Barcelona¬JA÷xhoOXS9M¬WU÷barcelona¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬BY÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷37¬BA÷18¬BC÷19¬OA÷4z9LuJVH-SnufIVHC.png¬AM÷Neutral location - Lanxess Arena.¬~ZA÷EUROPE: Champions League¬ZEE÷KK4FaFV3¬ZB÷6¬ZY÷Europe¬ZC÷pU3rU5h1¬ZD÷t¬ZE÷S6MfVSiO¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷1¬ZH÷6_KK4FaFV3¬ZJ÷2¬ZL÷/handball/europe/champions-league/¬ZX÷09Europe 006Europe0020000000001000Champions Le016League000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Europe¬~AA÷WtWE6xTk¬AD÷1583078400¬ADE÷1583078400¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Paris SG¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1583083892¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷PPD¬AF÷PPD Zagreb¬JB÷GYDlfkvg¬WV÷ppd-zagreb¬GRB÷0¬AH÷26¬BB÷12¬BD÷14¬OB÷Ue35KlVH-024t7EpH.png¬WM÷PAR¬AE÷Paris SG¬JA÷xrFpeVOn¬WU÷paris-sg¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷37¬BA÷17¬BC÷20¬OA÷YmLwJcjT-8WZPPin8.png¬~AA÷OIkdgDzq¬AD÷1583077800¬ADE÷1583077800¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Aalborg¬RW÷0¬AX÷1¬AO÷1583083318¬BX÷-1¬WQ÷¬WN÷ELV¬AF÷Elverum¬JB÷thmz4yWp¬WV÷elverum¬GRB÷0¬AH÷28¬BB÷11¬BD÷17¬OB÷WdmxXOTH-l0lqRY9T.png¬WM÷AAL¬AE÷Aalborg¬JA÷vq188HNT¬WU÷aalborg-handbold¬AS÷1¬AZ÷1¬GRA÷0¬AG÷30¬BA÷18¬BC÷12¬OA÷zezZD1A6-EiLZNDmj.png¬~ZA÷EUROPE: Champions League - Play Offs¬ZEE÷KK4FaFV3¬ZB÷6¬ZY÷Europe¬ZC÷ttFxh9p8¬ZD÷t¬ZE÷S6MfVSiO¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷2¬ZH÷6_KK4FaFV3¬ZJ÷11¬ZL÷/handball/europe/champions-league/¬ZX÷09Europe 006Europe0020000000001000Champions Le028y Offs000¬ZCC÷0¬ZAF÷Europe¬~AA÷tUU6fVLj¬AD÷1583076600¬ADE÷1583076600¬AB÷3¬CR÷3¬AC÷3¬CX÷Din.

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