One of Australia’s most loved and iconic musicians shares his love for South Australia, holidays by the sea and making music. Australian music icon Paul Kelly has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts degree at the University of Adelaide. Special Treatment 02. Paul Maurice Kelly (born 13 January 1955) is an Australian rock music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player. Birds are the creatures showcased in Kelly’s latest project, a collaboration with pianist Anna Goldsworthy and her Seraphim Trio, composer James Ledger, and singer-songwriter Alice Keath, Thirteen Ways to Look at Birds, commissioned by the Adelaide Festival. Parents used to let you do that. You Can't Take It With You 07. He became involved in the pub rock scene and drug culture, and recorded two albums with Paul Kelly and the Dots. We all had pianos as kids. The first song I wrote… was called ‘The Going Down’ (that I can remember). The wisteria on the back verandah is still blooming And all the great aunts are either insane or dead Kensington Road runs straight for a wh !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? One of the most important things I’ve learnt… is to keep your ears open and pay attention. I was writing poetry in a notebook and just kept going. See the latest tour news & information. It felt like another world. Using Paul Kelly’s technique of sequencing associations, describe a place, person or event to evoke a strong sense of longing. Adelaide Lyrics [Verse 1] The wisteria on the back veranda is still blooming Songs can come from anywhere - something someone says, something you hear, from other songs you love - they all influence what you do. Save I like going to Port Philip Bay, but if you want to get some surf, head to the west coast - Lorne, Apollo Bay… it’s pretty and we try to get there regularly, as well as the Mornington Peninsula. Kelly had become involved with the Melbourne drug culture, the Dots disbanded in 1982 after numerous line-up changes and Kelly formed the Paul Kelly Band. I tend to go towards the beach for holidays. I got into playing music because… I met this gang of people in 1973 and they were all playing country rock, and that was when I first got into that kind of music. The song is, alternately, about a boy burying his father or the story of a … Adelaide Paul Kelly. Winter Coat 12. A very happy gravy day to you and yours To celebrate, here's Paul Kelly giving us...tmost of his famous recipe...just don't forget the dollop of... Jump to. I started learning guitar and playing other people’s songs for a few years, and then I wrote my own song. Our holidays were to the beach down at Tennyson, Brighton or Henley Beach. I made a few records and wasn’t really making much of a living off it. Follow @genius I love them. Sometimes we went to Port Noarlunga for holidays - I just love the look of that country. It was just a four line song. Keep It To Yourself 03. I have a lot of memories of… going to the water. When I come back to Adelaide, it’s about spending time with them. Kelly was the 6th of 9 children and spent most of his childhood in Adelaide. Produced by Alan Thorne, Clive Shakespeare & Paul Kelly. Paul is a founding Director of Futuro Financial Services, one of Australia's leading independent Dealer Group financial planning businesses. Get the Paul Kelly Setlist of the concert at Botanic Park, Adelaide, Australia on March 15, 1992 and other Paul Kelly Setlists for free on! Kelly had moved to Sydney by January 1985, where he recorded Post in the studio of Sherbet guitarist Clive Shakespeare. The A – Z Recordings is an eight-volume live album by Australian rock musician, Paul Kelly, which was released on 24 September 2010 on Gawd Aggie Records in Australia and Universal Import in North America. Buy Paul Kelly tickets from Ticketmaster AU. I used to go camping… with my brothers in the 50s . Paul has become one of the preeminent practitioners in South Australia in the areas of food law, animal management, administrative law and public and environmental health law. When travelling in Victoria… most of our family holidays are down to the west coast. My mother was very musical and dad loved music even though he didn’t play anything. It had been recorded from a series of performances from 2004 to 2010 on Kelly's A – Z Tours in various locations. Words are the hardest part of writing songs. I always like to go to the Norwood pool where we used to go swimming every Sunday after church. According to Rip It Up magazine, "legend has it" that Kelly's mother gave birth to him "in a taxi outside North Adelaide's Calvary Hospital". Take Your Time 09. I’ve lived in Melbourne for longer than I’ve lived in Adelaide, and my children have grown up in Melbourne, but Adelaide is always home. Recruited to the AFL by the Swans, Kelly … Pic: Cybele Malinowski. Paul Kelly will speak at a Herald/Dymocks literary event on October 12 at the Oxford Art Factory. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. Luckily, we brought plenty of hot air with us on July 13th, when Pub Choir headed out to chilly Adelaide to have a sing as part of Winterfest 2018, run by Our Port.. Have a little squiz at the handywork of these strangers who got together for just 90 minutes, to learn a song by Adelaide's own living legend, Paul Kelly. 21 Feb 2019 One of Australia’s most loved and iconic musicians shares his love for South Australia, holidays by the sea and making music. Paul Maurice Kelly was born on 13 January 1955 in Adelaide, to John Erwin Kelly, a lawyer, and Josephine (née Filippini), the sixth of eight surviving children. In South Australia, I love… McLaren Vale, with that combination of wine region, hills and the sea. My eldest sister was going out with this guy who played the trumpet and I really liked him so he got me into playing the trumpet. [CDATA[ We used to spend the whole summer by the beach. Maralinga (Rainy Land) 10. Other People's Houses 06. That really changed things. Music was just part of our lives. My favourite songs… are ‘If I Could Start Today Again’, ‘They Thought I Was Asleep’, ‘Little Aches And Pains’…‘How To Make Gravy’ is always a good song to play because it sort of seems to play itself…it’s got an in-built gear in itself. I can’t remember where but it wasn’t too far from home. For family holidays… in the 60s, we never went interstate. Connect with us for latest news & special deals, Subscribe to receive our latest news & offers, Discovery Holiday Parks is a proud member of the G'day Parks network. I wanted to be… a writer. The three of us would just get a tent, some supplies, a bit of mum’s fruit cake and go and camp in the Hills. Now I live by the water in St Kilda. So it turns out, Brisbane is pretty warm ;). Sweet Guy 08. We listened to… ABC Radio and classical music - Mum and Dad had classical records, Irish records, Barry Humphries comedy records. The new record has five poems by other people: Sylvia Plath, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Walt Whitman, Dylan Thomas and Phillip Larkin. Home for me is… Adelaide. He wrote his first song in 1976 and has been making records since 1978 — over thirty to date. For bookings, phone 9449 4366. Melbourne Girls 05. My rule for camping is… that you have to go with people who know what they’re doing. Born in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Kelly initially played rugby league for Wagga Brothers but turned to Australian rules football at age 15. Kelly moved to Sydney by 1985, where he formed Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls. Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls live at the Hopetoun Hotel, 1986. The new record Nature… has five songs based on poems by other people. We would just get a holiday house in Tennyson… I thought it was miles away. That’s probably the biggest shift… over the last five or six years, I’ve got into the habit of putting poetry in music. Though Kelly did not know right away that he wanted to be a musician, he came from a musically inclined family. I come from a big family…there are eight of us, but with just one sibling in Adelaide now. I knew that. Paul Kelly, “Adelaide,” Post (1985) and Gossip (1986) Powderfinger, “Hindley Street,” Internationalist (1998) Paul Kelly’s “Adelaide” exists in two forms, one a negative of the other. It … Everyone remembers places in different ways – here are two … I’m grateful for that because I’ve been writing songs for 40 years. My career was… fairly gradual. Head to the store to find merchandise exclusives & fan favourites. Paul Kelly - Adelaide Lyrics. Growing up… there was always music in the house. Filmed for the ABC's Edge of the Wedge He was and still is known to Swans fans everywhere as "Captain Courageous". It was really my fourth record Gossip which got some commercial radio play. Paul Kelly's Debutante days: 'Come back to Adelaide, I’m starting a band' Courtesy Tom and Ian Stehlik From North Adelaide sharehouses to the city’s 1970s pub scene, Paul Kelly’s manager-turned-biographer Stuart Coupe pieces together the story of the songwriter’s short-lived first band. I thought ‘if I can write one, I can write another one’. When back home in South Australia… I have my little rituals. They’re poems that I have loved for a long time. For me it’s about being open and being awake. I love Kensington Park, too. He has collaborated with many other songwriters and written music for film and theatre. But because we come from a big clan, Adelaide to me is tied up with my family and my cousins. Purchase your copy at //