Make sure that your iOS device is not set to Silent. Could you just clarify If you’re actually using AirPlay, or if you’re casting to the YT app on the ATV? AirPlay is the built-in feature of iOS devices wherein it allows the user’s iOS device to be mirrored and cast to their Samsung TV. Make sure your AirPlay-compatible device is near the device you're trying to stream from. software version 9.4.0 build 4190-94. all devices are on the same network. AirPlay lets you stream (or mirror) your videos from your Mac to your TV. Restart your Internet router, Apple TV, and Apple devices. If you can't connect to an AirPlay device, try moving closer to it and try again. Check Your macOS Firewall Settings The following are just some of the most effective solutions to tray and fix the AirPlay not connecting problem; 1. After updating to iOS 14 since, the playing video using the AV adapter with Youtube App, only sound can be heard, but no video at all. A Mac running macOS Mojave 10.14.5 or later should be AirPlay compatible. (If so, switch it off). If you’ve not already done it you’ll need to pair the two apps. Haven’t updated to 14 yet here, but casting to the ATV YT app seems to work much more reliably. AirPlay is such a common feature these days that it’s easy to forget not all Apple devices out there support it. Not only has Apple's iOS 14 launched a ton of advanced new features, but the rollout has also been quite smooth. Keep in mind that for AirPlay to work, both the iOS device or the Mac and the Apple TV need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. For previous versions, go to “General” and select “Restrictions” followed by entering the passcode. macOS and Apple TV. please help Make sure your devices are powered on, awake, and near each other. Check the Ring/Silent switch which is located on the left side of your iOS device. 10. airplay is in the ROKU menu but does not appear on any of the iOS devices or on the MacBook Pro running on Big Sur. Update all your devices to the latest available software. Before the iOS 14 update on iOS 13, using the Original Lightning Digital Apple AV Adapter(Using HDMI) connect to TV using the Youtube App was working fine with the video and audio. But sometimes, users cannot stream and cast their content to their Samsung TV. How to Fix Apple AirPlay Not Working. We found a few minor glitches and fixes. Check that each device is connected before attempting … On your iOS device, enable Airplane Mode and wait a few seconds, and then disable. Problem: Google Authenticator not working. They’re on the same menu in the iOS app. To stream audio to multiple speakers with AirPlay 2, make sure your speakers are compatible with AirPlay 2. Connect your devices to the exact same Wi-Fi network. Apple’s recently released iOS 14.3 update is now available for everybody, and in addition to the improvements the company itself confirmed, it looks like some CarPlay fixes are included as well. See also: You Mac is freezing? Scroll into it and check if Carplay is there. Launch “Settings”, browse for “Screen Time” and opt for “Privacy & Content Restrictions”. Read on to find how to troubleshoot AirPlay not working issue on Samsung TV. Macs and MacBooks in particular tend to hang around much longer than iOS devices before being upgraded. iOS 14.2. rokutv C226X. Make sure AirPlay isn’t restricted by Content & … Make sure All Devices are on the Same Network.