The franchise launched the website, which revealed "the future of Washington Football arrives in 2022." Fans … No Agenda, a twice weekly podcast about politics by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak. These discussions have also forced my family and me … We’re seven weeks into the NFL’s Washington football team being named the Washington Football Team. This comes about a week after FedEx formally asked team owner Dan Snyder to change the name. Washington Football Team will keep name through 2021, unveil new identity in 2022 We could be getting just one more season of the Football Team. The Washington Football Team will have a new name in 2022 It’s a no-brainer to create interaction and buzz, but there’s a section where fans can submit ideas for the new nickname. Washington Football Team could be permanent name, Jason Wright says With about 15,000 name suggestions submitted, fans have until April 5 to send in more FedEx is a primary sponsor of the team, and holds the naming rights to FedEx Field, where Washington plays. It appears as if the Washington Football Team will have a new name … The Washington Football Team's temporary name will remain in tact for one more season, but the franchise plans plans to decide on a new moniker in 2022.. It’s a name that could stick longer beyond 2020. They switched names last summer and decided on Washington Football Team as a placeholder, one that will continue into the 2021 NFL season. It looks like the Washington Football Team has decided on a name for next season: The Washington Football Team. Author: Ben Pickman Publish date: Feb 23, 2021. LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Football Team announced Tuesday "last call" for name submissions to Though it originally was thought the “Washington Football Team” would be … By Cody Benjamin. Now it's time to write a new legacy," the website stated. New Washington Football Team Name to Be Released in 2022. "We've transitioned from our old name. The Washington Redskins have retired their name to become the Washington Football Team. The Washington Football Team hasn't landed on a new name yet as they continue to work on changing their brand and image. The Washington Football Team took on its new name after businesses threatened to pull their sponsorships. We keep you updated on their latest name and planned changes.